A DIDEYE™ sensor is installed on your gate or door, and once paired with the DIDEYE™ app installed on your smartphone, you get notified if that gate or door is open or closed. Check your app at any time to see the current status of the entrance.

DIDEYE™ will work on most swing gates, sliding gates, tip-up garage doors, roll-up garage doors, internal & external doors, roller shutters, and even windows.

The DIDEYE™ sensor requires a power source and access to a WiFi connection that has internet access. A battery is an optional extra and can be discussed with the installer. You will need an Android or iOS smartphone to install the DIDEYE™ app.

Getting an area protected with DIDEYE™ takes 4 simple steps:

1) Subscribe to DIDEYE™ and place an order online 

2) We’ll contact you to arrange installation

4) Download the app and pair the sensor to your app

5) Now you’re ready to monitor your area

Visit our pricing page to full costs.

DIDEYE™ uses your existing WiFi for access to the internet, and the power consumption is incredibly low, depending on the frequency of use it is unlikely to consume more than one-meter unit (KWh) per year.

For now, DIDEYE™ is only installed by selected installers, to ensure optimum setup. DIY installation will be considered soon.